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Connecting the dots

Q&A | Assessing the interaction of adultery, no-fault divorce, LGBTQ trends, poverty, and church surrender 
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 2/27/19, 04:14 am

Patrick Henry College professor Stephen Baskerville is the author of Not Peace But a Sword: The Political Theology of the English Revolution. His most recent book, The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power, brings a sword to some current debates. Here are edited excerpts of our interview.

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Krieg Barrie

Thank God for men

Relationships | They’re great for lifting sofas and building societies
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 11/08/18, 03:56 pm

I’ve discovered that the secret to enjoying life is thankfulness (“be thankful”—Colossians 3:15). It really works. There’s always something to be thankful for, and finding it transforms your whole perspective. Isn’t it just like God to make His command to be thankful simultaneously His means of deliverance?

This year I particularly want to focus on one kind of thanksgiving—being thankful for men. I choose this because it is open season on men as much as on turkeys, which I feel sorry about. So here is my list of reasons to be thankful for men:

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Love life, outsourced

Relationships | As modern dating fails them, some singles are turning to professional matchmakers
by Sophia Lee
Posted 9/13/18, 12:18 pm

Adelle Kelleher once had trouble staying home at night. She was approaching her mid-30s, listening to her internal clock tick away with each unsuccessful date. On evenings when she decided to ditch the bar for her couch, she felt more anxious than relaxed: What if tonight was the night she would have met the one?

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