Learning the language of compassion

Marriage | Lauris Shepherd dedicated his life to discipling men, but compassionately leading his family was a different challenge (Fifth in a series on long marriages)
by Charissa Koh
Posted 10/10/19, 01:44 pm

Lauris Shepherd was serving in the Army and stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia when he first discovered the Navigators, an interdenominational Christian discipleship ministry. Later he reconnected with the group after moving to San Diego to teach math at Point Loma Nazarene University.

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Charissa Koh

Learning dependence

Marriage | Health problems taught David and Ruth Daumer to rely on each other (Fourth in a series on long marriages)
by Charissa Koh
Posted 9/26/19, 04:36 pm

David and Ruth Daumer celebrated their 40th anniversary this year on Jan. 6. They almost didn’t make it: David had a heart attack in 1996 at their older daughter’s 7th birthday party. She and her 1-year-old sister had to say goodbye to their dad in case he didn’t make it home from the hospital.

David and Ruth met when they were children in Hammond, Ind. They lost track of each other during high school but reconnected at a singles event during college. Their first date was a trip to the circus (“a good metaphor for our marriage,” said Ruth). Five months later they were engaged. 

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Sent into orbit

Marriage | God has given us every reason to have high expectations for marriage
by Joel Belz
Posted 9/26/19, 02:46 pm

I’ve been watching, from an appropriate distance, the collapse of still another marriage. Neither the husband nor the wife thinks there’s any future. They’ve tried hard, they say, and they’ve listened to all sorts of counsel from pastors, therapists, friends, and family. But their motivation has vanished.

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