Sophia Lee

Getting along like cats and dogs

Marriage | Even minor issues can become important marriage lessons
by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/06/20, 04:41 pm

I heard the first year of marriage is always tough. That made sense to me: You have two separate lives joining into one, and that will require some painstaking sacrifices and compromises. What’s more, both my husband, David, and I got married in our 30s. We’ve enjoyed more than 30 years of independence, and with that comes our own rigid habits and hard-to-break lifestyles. I just never expected that the one major conflict we’d have in our marriage would be over my cat. 

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Illustration by Cap Pannell

God always provided

Lifestyle | Ron and Sandra Johanesen strove to trust God—and each other—while raising a family and living on a single income
by Charissa Koh
Posted 7/02/20, 05:07 pm

15th in a series on long marriages

High-school senior Ron Johanesen was visiting his best friend Leeroy’s house after a game of mud football when he first noticed Leeroy’s sister—a “beautiful blond girl.” Ron learned he and Sandra went to the same Portland, Ore., church. He soon asked her to be his date for a formal event at school.

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Ray Mickshaw/Fox

To Hollywood, with Legos

Lifestyle | Creativity and teamwork led Tyler and Amy Clites to a Lego Masters championship
by Victoria Johnson
Posted 5/21/20, 05:17 pm

Be in the world but not of it: A familiar concept for Christians, but easier said than done if the world is Hollywood reality TV. Just ask Florida couple Tyler and Amy Clites, champions of Fox’s new show Lego Masters.

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