Beth Wilcox

A pastor by night

Marriage | The strain of bivocational ministry and a battle with anger almost destroyed Robert and Juanita Hall’s marriage
by Charissa Koh
Posted 3/26/20, 01:53 pm

13th in a series on long marriages

Frustrated, Pastor Robert Hall walked into the hospital. He’d come to visit a dying church member but hadn’t been able to get the day off from his landscaping job. When he finally made it to the hospital, the man’s room was empty: He had already died.

“Something snapped in me,” Hall recalls. He told God, “I’m not doing what You’ve called me to do well. This is ridiculous.”

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Coronavirus forces delays for special days

Marriage | Brides, grooms, and the wedding industry find themselves pivoting amid COVID-19 pressures
by Katie Gaultney
Posted 3/20/20, 12:01 pm

Standing in front of a wall-sized mirror, Taylor Shelnutt looks every part the cake-topper bride. Her blonde locks fall past her shoulders in waves over a lacy white gown. But even though at her dress fitting she appears ready for her mid-April wedding day, she doesn’t feel it. 

“Really just it’s heartbreaking that we would be at this point, three-and-a-half weeks out from our wedding, and not be hopeful for it, and not be filled with joy or excitement,” Shelnutt said. “We’re excited to get married, but at this point, kind of the, the happiness from the season is stolen.”

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When a virus kills a wedding

Marriage | COVID-19 shows us how little control we have
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/17/20, 11:53 am

On Sunday, my fiancé, David, and I sent an email to our wedding guests and informed them that we are canceling our wedding on April 25. The last few weeks, we had been watching the increasingly alarming news about COVID-19 with dread coiling in our guts, wondering how this virus will impact what’s supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. We, like the thousands of other engaged couples across the nation, faced an agonizing dilemma: Do we cancel or postpone our wedding and potentially lose tons of money, or do we continue with our plans and lose valued guests? 

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