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Plates protected

Law | Appeals court overturns rejection of religious vanity plates in Vermont
by Lauren Sneed
Posted 11/05/10, 04:32 am

In 2004, Vermont resident John Byrne applied for a vanity plate with the state's motor vehicle department. The proposed plate read "JN36TN," referencing John 3:16 from the Bible. Section 304(d)(4) of title 23 of the Vermont Statutes prohibits any vanity license plate that refers, "in any language, to a . . . religion" or "deity." Officials denied Byrne's application.

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Making the grade

Law | Los Angeles student lambasted by professor over religious speech
by Lauren Sneed
Posted 10/08/10, 09:59 am

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'Travesty of justice'

Law | Former Department of Justice official testifies before the U.S.
by Emily Belz
Posted 9/24/10, 09:13 pm

WASHINGTON-Defying the Department of Justice's order not to testify, former DOJ voting section chief Christopher Coates took the stand before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Friday and upbraided the agency for its unequal voting law enforcement. Coates, who worked on the New Black Panther case that the agency effectively dropped, called the agency's handling of that case a "travesty of justice."

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