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Hadley bills

Law | New pro-family legislation for 2020?
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 1/02/20, 05:43 pm

Hadley Arkes, my oldest academic friend, turns 80 this year. We met when he was 40 and I was a 30-year-old at DuPont headquarters in Delaware. Part of my job was to bring in scholars to meet with up-and-coming DuPont executives. The goal: Let the future corporate leaders see how the other half thinks, and learn which could match wits with the academic elite.

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Anti-vax exodus

Vaccinations | As New York ends its religious exemption for vaccines, some parents turn to homeschooling
by Emily Belz
Posted 9/11/19, 03:06 pm

A New York moment: 

I wrote back in April about the measles outbreak in New York, and I’m still getting long emails from readers about that piece. People feel more passionately about vaccines than about most other issues I’ve written about! The drama here in New York continues to unfold. 

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Lethal combinations

Legislation | Democrats in Maine pass dozens of bills in a legislative frenzy, expanding abortion and legalizing assisted suicide.
by Esther Eaton
Posted 6/24/19, 03:45 pm

In the months leading up to the frenzied conclusion of Maine’s 2019 legislative session, pro-life protesters in the state braved evening rain to call for revival, churches organized prayer chains, and dozens of citizens spoke at hearings or submitted statements to lawmakers. Despite their efforts, right-to-life advocates this spring found only disappointment from the many laws a newly Democratic Legislature passed in Maine.

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