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Too cozy for comfort

Features | Popular Muslim leaders in America have friends in all the wrong places
by Jill Nelson
Posted 6/14/17, 08:33 am

GARDEN GROVE, Calif.—The Islamic Society of Orange County mosque in many ways reflects the prosperous heart of Southern California where it’s located. As congregants waited for a guest imam to speak, grandmothers scolded noisy children and teenagers texted on their cell phones. Two teenage girls in the women’s prayer room said their favorite pastime is shopping. Another teen called a friend, trying to convince her to dig through her closet for an abaya, a loose-fitting garment, and join her at the mosque for the fundraising talk and dinner.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ted S. Warren

Anti-Sharia protesters rally across U.S.

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 6/10/17, 08:04 pm

Protests across the country Saturday raised the concern that Sharia law could spread throughout the United States, but many of the rallies drew even rowdier counterprotests. Hundreds of demonstrators marched through downtown Seattle behind a large sign saying, “Seattle stands with our Muslim neighbors.” Authorities said a large fight broke out after the gathering, and police used tear gas to disperse the crowds and arrested three people for obstructing law enforcement. The rallies, held in more than two dozen U.S.

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The ideological core of ISIS

Books | How Salafi jihadism helped fuel the rapid rise of the terror group
by Graeme Wood
Posted 6/10/17, 10:14 am

Many books about the Islamic State (ISIS) focus on the group’s terrorism. Graeme Wood, after meeting influential ISIS adherents in Tokyo, Melbourne, London, and elsewhere, examines its ideological core in The Way of Strangers, a runner-up for WORLD’s 2016 Book of the Year in the Understanding the World category.

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