Intelligent Design

What Darwin did not know

Intelligent Design
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 5/26/14, 04:08 pm

“Reflect on whether nanomachines produced for specific purposes could arise by chance when they depend upon detailed information both for their making and their function.”

That’s the request from Kjell J. Tveter, a Norwegian professor emeritus of surgery and urology, after watching the Discovery Institute’s short animation on kinesins, which move cargo within cells from one place to another. You should take a few minutes to watch it also:

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Discovery Institute

Growing subterranean dissent from Darwinism

Intelligent Design
by Emily Belz
Posted 9/13/13, 03:04 pm

Stephen Meyer, one of the founders of the intelligent design theory, spoke at a Socrates in the City lecture in New York on Thursday evening, explaining his newest book Darwin’s Doubt and the latest in scientific debates over the origin of life. The room was packed with New Yorkers in snappy evening wear, as well as the famous journalist Tom Wolfe, in his signature white suit.

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Photos by Daniel James Devine

Peeking outside the Darwin cage

Intelligent Design | Five teachers talk about their passion for pointing students to the mind behind the universe and the risks they take to do it
by Daniel James Devine & Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 8/27/13, 09:52 am

In the Sept. 7 issue of WORLD, we look at a few scientists, students, and teachers who spent 10 days in Seattle at the Discovery Institute’s summer seminar learning about intelligent design (ID), the scientific theory that nature displays evidence of having been designed. Below are additional profiles of other courageous attendees who were willing to put their careers on the line for their ID beliefs.

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