Intelligent Design

Eye on the sky

Intelligent Design | A total solar eclipse is a sign of heavenly design
by Julie Borg
Posted 8/02/17, 11:41 am

A much-anticipated solar eclipse will sweep across the United States on Aug. 21, cutting a path of totality from Oregon to South Carolina. But more than just a fun fest for sky gazers, the coming eclipse will be an example of design in the universe.

Total solar eclipses occur because the sun, while 400 times bigger than the moon, is also 400 times farther away, making the apparent size of both in the sky approximately equal. Many modern astronomers view this perfectly orchestrated phenomenon as a remarkable “coincidence.”

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Timothy L. Hale/Zuma/Newscom

Knowledge and delight

Voices | Visiting a museum and thanking God that we exist
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 7/26/17, 05:15 pm

Those who founded the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) in 1909 did so with the desire to “enhance in individuals the knowledge and delight in natural science and related subjects.” They succeeded.

Late in July my almost-4 granddaughter and I delighted in big HMNS dinosaur skeletons. If HMNS had a scary exhibit about evil Man making things hotter and killing oceans, as some museums do, I missed it. The only bad parts were the signs explaining some of the exhibits—and even they were delightful, in a “Just So” story way.

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Finding the answer to life’s big question

Science | Both scientists and nonscientists alike should faithfully seek the truth about our origin
by Douglas Axe
Posted 7/22/17, 08:50 am

Douglas Axe’s subtitle to Undeniable offers a shocking suggestion: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed.

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