Intelligent Design
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Evolutionist retracts key study on origin of life

Intelligent Design | Scientists’ attempts to find the ‘spark of life’ keep coming up short
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 12/21/17, 12:07 pm

A secular scientist who attempted to explain the origins of life has made a bold admission that bolsters arguments against Darwinian evolution. Jack Szostak of Harvard University published a 2016 paper in Nature Chemistry claiming he and his colleagues had figured out a way to get RNA to replicate itself.

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Evolution vs. the Bible

Evolution | Francis Collins and BioLogos seek a different story of our origins than the one told in Genesis
by Elizabeth Handford
Posted 11/18/17, 03:02 pm

The writer of this Saturday Series article, Elizabeth Handford, shared with me in an email that she “grew up in a godly home. (My father was John R. Rice, an evangelist and editor). In a secular high school, I came to feel I had to settle which was right, Darwin or the Bible. I checked Origin of Species out of the library, came to chapters 4 and 5, ‘Problems with My Thesis.’ I read Darwin’s agony because he could find no answers to his own questions (most of them still unanswerable). I became convinced that God’s Word was absolutely true.

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Survival of the kindest?

Intelligent Design | Neuropsychology opens a window into the way God designed us to help others
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 10/12/17, 01:00 pm

A secular neuropsychologist set out to answer the question: Why some humans are willing to risk their lives for others. And she found interesting results hiding in the brains of altruists.

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