Associated Press/Photo by Jae C. Hong

Writing an 'objective' story about homelessness

by Marvin Olasky
Posted 11/27/13, 01:10 pm

The run-up to Thanksgiving week is a traditional time for newspaper reports about homelessness, and The New York Times yesterday did not fail.

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Mealtime at the Mission (Les Sillars)

24 hours

Homelessness | A one-day visit to Winchester's Rescue Mission finds men looking for hope
by Jr.
Posted 3/25/11, 03:18 pm

I rolled up to the Rescue Mission in Winchester, in the state's northern corner) around 4:15 in the afternoon to begin my 24 hour stay. Two men with long, greasy hair, tattoos, and lit cigarettes in their mouths sat at the front door. We eyed each other, but didn't say anything.

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James Allen Walker for WORLD

6,718 blocks

Homelessness | One rescue mission is covering them all in a bid to feed New York's growing numbers of homeless
by Alisa Harris
Posted 1/29/10, 06:42 am

NEW YORK-The New York Rescue Alliance training video shows homeless people holding wry signs:

"Brad and Angelina are going to have twins and I need money for a gift."

"Desperate need of hair weave. Please help."

One particularly sardonic sign skewered people who hurry past: "I have invisibleman-itis. Please donate so I can be cured."

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