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No place to go

Feature | Homelessness is on the rise in San Diego as a ministry that helps the homeless struggles to keep its property from developers
by Tom Pfingsten
Posted 3/15/17, 05:42 pm

SAN DIEGO—When the San Diego Padres open their home baseball season on April 7 at Petco Park, many fans will drive through a homeless encampment in East Village a few blocks from the ballyard and near Interstate 5. Hundreds of homeless men and women who sprawl in that desirable location are in the crosshairs of city planners and developers. While neighbors worry about drugs and crime, Christian ministries try to help their homeless neighbors.

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Monica Almeida/The New York Times/Redux

Homeless on the streets of LA

Feature | A growing throng of addicts and impoverished people living on the streets of Los Angeles illustrates the nation’s massive, unsolved homelessness problem, but some ministries and caring individuals are endeavoring to be part of the solution
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/14/17, 06:09 pm

LOS ANGELES—For the first time in years, Los Angeles skies wept hard. After a long drought, the tears came in a steady rain that mounted from a drizzle to a shower to a deluge. Rivers of rainwater gushed down the streets, and pools of grimy water splashed in parking lots. Ever unprepared for weather that falls below a balmy 70 degrees, Angelenos got angry and disoriented. Traffic clogged, cars honked, and middle fingers waved as commuters hastened home for warm food and dry socks.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ted S. Warren

New study: Faith motivates best homeless care

Poverty | Religious groups shoulder most of the care for those without a stable home
by Evan Wilt
Posted 2/01/17, 04:45 pm

WASHINGTON—New research from Baylor University finds faith-based organizations shoulder the bulk of critical care and services for persons experiencing homelessness.

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