Associated Press/Photo by Reed Saxon

Homeless heartbreak

Poverty | Despite government and volunteer help, some people who live on the streets revert to hard-to-break habits
by Sophia Lee
Posted 7/06/17, 01:25 am

LOS ANGELES—When David Herrmann first met Chris, he thought the 13-year-old boy was a typical blond kid rolling down Venice Beach Boardwalk on his skateboard. Herrmann liked Chris: The kid was polite and unassuming and always asked if he could pass out burritos and bottled water to the homeless with Herrmann and other volunteers of Share A Meal, a mobile kitchen program by the nonprofit Khalsa Peace Corps.

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Saved on the streets

Feature | How one homeless man turned to God after years of prison and crack cocaine
by Sophia Lee
Posted 5/12/17, 03:48 pm

Ronald Troy Collins has observed many people during his years roaming homeless on the streets. He’s seen nicely dressed Christians who shoot him polite smiles but avoid eye contact as they swarm out of Sunday service. He’s seen nicely dressed yuppies who fling F-bombs at him and later pass out drunk with soiled pants and broken heels on the streets. He’s seen nicely dressed, dead-eyed men and women burst into tears and confess plans of suicide after he sang for them.

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Not by bread alone

Features | The homeless on LA’s Skid Row are in desperate straits, but giving them more food will not solve their problems
by Sophia Lee
Posted 5/07/17, 11:11 pm

Editor’s note: This article includes disturbing and graphic descriptions of homeless life in LA’s Skid Row.

LOS ANGELES—On a warm Friday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row, the acrid stench of fresh-spilled blood stung the congealed odors of fossilized urine and unwashed feet. A man whom locals call Turban stabbed three individuals, leaving a half-mile trail of blood and screams until police officers shot at him six times.

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