Not by bread alone

Features | The homeless on LA’s Skid Row are in desperate straits, but giving them more food will not solve their problems
by Sophia Lee
Posted 5/07/17, 11:11 pm

Editor’s note: This article includes disturbing and graphic descriptions of homeless life in LA’s Skid Row.

LOS ANGELES—On a warm Friday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row, the acrid stench of fresh-spilled blood stung the congealed odors of fossilized urine and unwashed feet. A man whom locals call Turban stabbed three individuals, leaving a half-mile trail of blood and screams until police officers shot at him six times.

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New York City Relief

Christian ministries take to New York’s streets amid homeless crisis

Homelessness | Faith-based groups are stepping up efforts to bring hope and help to those who have nowhere else to go
by Gertrude Too-Rom
Posted 3/29/17, 11:28 am

NEW YORK—New York City’s homeless population has rocketed to a record 60,000, and this month Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed greatly expanding the city’s troubled shelter system. De Blasio wants to build 90 new neighborhood shelters, but residents around the proposed new sites are not happy.

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Photo by David Herrmann

The world is mad

Homelessness | Reporting on homelessness in LA
by Sophia Lee
Posted 3/17/17, 09:49 am

It was a dreary, drizzly day in Los Angeles, one of many this winter. We were driving to church when my friend looked out the window and said, “You know what breaks my heart? Those people out there in the rain.”

I turned my head to where he was pointing, and then I saw them: dozens of tents and shopping carts lining the park near my apartment, dripping with cold water that undoubtedly also soaked the people dwelling inside.

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