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Radical outreach

Homelessness | When homeless ministry gets extreme
by Sophia Lee
Posted 2/19/18, 03:27 pm

Early on the morning after Valentine’s Day, I drove down from Los Angeles to San Diego to spend a day with three men who were temporarily living on the streets with the homeless. 

Among them was Will Cravens, a pastor from Virginia. Cravens first roamed the streets of San Diego in 2014 looking for a childhood best friend who had disappeared and was last spotted in Mission Bay, a popular man-made aquatic park. Since then, Cravens has been flying back to the area twice a year, each time bringing a team of church men to sleep on the streets and break bread with the homeless. 

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Counting the homeless on a hill of mansions

Homelessness | My night as a survey volunteer in the wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air
by Sophia Lee
Posted 1/30/18, 12:21 pm

Last week I experienced something that, based on my eight years of living in Los Angeles, is really quite extraordinary: Try as I might, I couldn’t spot a single homeless individual within 6 square miles.

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One block away from rehab

Homelessness | For a man living on LA streets, an offer of long-term help
by Sophia Lee
Posted 12/18/17, 04:36 pm

Last week, I wrote about a man named John Simpson who loves movies and musicals, has been homeless for five years, and struggles with alcoholism. Let me now tell you about our efforts to get him help.

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