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Losing a friend

Relationships | I didn’t set healthy boundaries with Joseph, a man who had lived his life in a climate of abuse, manipulation, and dysfunction
by Sophia Lee
Posted 2/14/20, 12:09 pm

I had a friend, whom I shall call Joseph. I say “had” because we are no longer friends. Our friendship fell apart about a week before Thanksgiving, after I had invited him to celebrate Thanksgiving with me and some friends. 

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Supreme Court declines street-sleeping case

by Harvest Prude
Posted 12/16/19, 12:22 pm

WASHINGTON—A city cannot punish people for sleeping on the sidewalk or in public parks if no other shelter is available, according to a court ruling the Supreme Court let stand on Monday. The justices issued no comment or dissent in refusing to review the case from Boise, Idaho, where prosecutors convicted six homeless people of violating the city’s camping ban. The 9th U.S.

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Fatherless and homeless

Homelessness | Too many kids in the foster system end up on the streets once they reach adulthood
by Sophia Lee
Posted 10/10/19, 02:03 pm

When Keanakay Scott moved into her first apartment after aging out of foster care, nobody had taught her that she needed to pay rent every month. She assumed her first check would cover that expense. Less than two months later, she received an eviction notice.

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