Your son, John Allen

Lifestyle | Letters bring to life those we memorialize
by Kim Henderson
Posted 5/19/17, 01:20 am

As a forester, Bob Naeger has mapped parts of the Trail of Tears with a state archaeologist and found forgotten cemeteries in the middle of kudzu-covered timber tracts. But last year he and his wife Renee purchased an old Mississippi cabin and found on the property a forgotten trunk. When he unlatched the trunk’s rusty hinges, he set free seven decades of smells clinging to its contents. Beneath a wallpapered panel he found 25 letters.

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Facebook/The Central Tina Valley Project/Tel Aviv University

Ancient dung testifies to Solomon’s dynasty

History | Surprise discovery confirms copper mines used to produce bronze for temple in Jerusalem
by Julie Borg
Posted 4/06/17, 11:10 am

Once again a new archaeological discovery has supported the accuracy of the Bible and proven skeptics wrong. This time the discovery came from a most unlikely source—ancient animal dung.

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Associated Press

A celebration of peace through progress

History | London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 helped usher in an era of optimism in the West
by Ben Wilson
Posted 3/25/17, 08:47 am

As the debate about free trade vs. Trump protectionism intensifies, Ben Wilson’s Heyday—a runner-up for WORLD’s 2016 Book of the Year in the history and ideology categoryis worth reading.

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