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Hey, soldier

History | National Army Museum at Fort Belvoir to reacquaint public with the American soldier; opening in 2015
by Danielle Builta
Posted 8/09/11, 04:57 pm

The Army has chosen Fort Belvoir, located along the Potomac River just outside Washington, D.C., as the site of the first national Army museum, due to break ground in spring of 2012. It is scheduled to open on the Army's 240th anniversary, June 14, 2015.

The National Army museum is the designed to cover the "comprehensive history" of the Army, said Colonel Dave Fabian, director of communication and public affairs at the Army Historical Foundation.

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Henry as Buford (3rd from left) / AP / Robert J. Szabo

Forgotten females

History | Female re-enactors raise awareness of Civil War women who fought disguised as men
by Editorial staff
Posted 7/19/11, 02:34 pm

Hoop skirts and washboards don't appeal much to Joyce Henry, so she found another way to relive the Civil War - as a man.

With her breasts tightly bound, shoulder-length red hair tucked under a shaggy auburn wig and upper lip hidden by a drooping mustache, Henry impersonates Confederate Lt. Harry T. Buford.

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Lest we forget

History | Why Christians should care about the Civil War's 150th anniversary, commemorated across Virginia
by Chelsea Rankin
Posted 7/15/11, 07:59 pm

Towns across the state are remembering the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with reenactments, group tours, balls and receptions.

Upcoming events include the Hillsboro Rabbit Run Theater's play this weekend regarding the Union in Confederate Virginia, the Jennie Dean Historic Site Civil War baseball games (July 22, 23), Winchester's Kernstown's Battlefield walking tour on July 30 and the two-day Civil War reenactment in Chantilly (which includes a Civil War fashion show) on August 13 and 14.

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