David Firth reviews sonar images / AP / Brock Vergakis

Sunken history

History | Researchers explore Civil War shipwrecks with new sonar technology
by Zachary Abate
Posted 7/06/11, 04:53 pm

Federal researchers are using sonar technology to analyze Civil War shipwrecks off the coasts of Virginia with the hope of rendering near photographic images for the public. The resulting three-dimensional images of the wrecks will be provide more details than an actual dive at the sites and will most likely end up in museums to promote America's maritime heritage.

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The Sunken Road, Fredericksburg / U.S. National Park Service

Forward to Richmond

History | New state website allows people to trace their ancestors' steps in Civil War battles
by Zachary Abate
Posted 6/29/11, 06:58 pm

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have descended from Civil War soldiers, you may be interested in a new interactive website launched by the Virginia Sesquicentennial of the Civil War Commission.

For the first time ever, people can track the movements of an individual soldier or regiment across Virginia's Civil War battlefields with the Walk in Their Footsteps program.

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Courtesy of the National D-Day Memorial

Remembering the fallen

History | Virginians pay tribute to their comrades who died at D-Day
by Alicia Constant
Posted 6/06/11, 06:45 pm

They were called the "Bedford Boys."

Thirty members of the National Guard's 29th Infantry Division bore the brunt of the D-Day invasion of Normandy 54 years ago today. Nineteen of them never came home. Two more Bedford soldiers from another division were also killed later on in the fighting.

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