History, stewardship, and community

Essay | Reflections from a rancher and a writer
by John R. Erickson
Posted 3/20/21, 09:23 am

Many of our readers have told us how much they appreciate the writings of John R. Erickson, the author of the popular Hank the Cowdog series of children’s books. He has worked as a cowboy and ranch manager in Texas and Oklahoma, and for this Saturday Series, he shares three essays reflecting on lessons learned from the land, as well as the people who live on it. —Rachel Lynn Aldrich

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Associated Press/Photo by Sebastian Scheiner

Archeologists discover more Dead Sea Scrolls

by Charissa Koh
Posted 3/16/21, 05:25 pm

The Israel Antiquity Authority on Tuesday announced it found nearly 80 first-century parchment fragments containing Greek text of the minor prophets Zechariah and Nahum. It’s the first new scroll discovery in the area in 60 years. Archeologists believe the pieces come from a scroll placed in the cave during the Jewish Bar Kochba Revolt against Rome between A.D. 132 and 136. The researchers also discovered a 6,000-year-old mummified child skeleton and what could be the oldest known intact woven basket in the world.

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Sharon Dierberger

Serving those who served

History | One Vietnam War veteran found healing by honoring other vets
by Sharon Dierberger
Posted 2/11/21, 12:51 pm

Seventh in a series on war veterans

Flying 70 feet above the tree line, helicopter crew chief and machine gunner Jerry Kyser saw North Vietnamese soldiers on the ground fire rocket-propelled grenades toward him. 

“RPG!” he yelled into his mic. The pilot of the UH-1 Huey quickly veered upward, and the explosive missiles passed directly underneath the skids. Kyser’s heart thudded.

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