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Floyd English

A chess queen at college

Lifestyle | Chess celebrity Phiona Mutesi credits God for her success at the game. Now she’s trusting him to get through school
by Jenny Lind Schmitt
Posted 12/13/17, 07:45 pm

Outside it poured, but inside at National Chess Day the atmosphere was anything but dreary. On this fall Saturday a college hall hummed with concentration, the clink of chess pieces, and the lilt of Ugandan music. Best of all, anyone for a donation could play a game against the “Queen of Katwe,” the real-life subject of a recent Disney film, Phiona Mutesi herself.

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Associated Press

UCLA players accused of shoplifting return home

by Leigh Jones
Posted 11/14/17, 10:53 am

Three UCLA basketball players detained in China following accusations of shoplifting are headed home. Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and LiAngelo Ball allegedly stole sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store next to the team’s hotel in Hangzhou. Surveillance cameras reportedly captured the theft. The three freshmen did not play in the game against Georgia Tech in Shanghai, and their teammates traveled home without them Saturday. Earlier Tuesday, U.S.

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Blackstation/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Dangerous intersections

Radicalism | A trendy theory of oppression offers only utopian delusions
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 10/30/17, 02:57 pm

A charming little video on YouTube features schoolchildren explaining to each other what “intersectionality” is. To them it means identity: the combination of factors, like skin color, gender, and ability, “that makes you, you.” Simple, right? Not so much. Intersectionality is an academic theory, the origin and definition of which are easy to explain. But the implications are thick and sticky as molasses.  

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