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Kenneth Hu

Censorship education

Higher Education | In Spain, a university professor warns of growing Chinese pressure on academia
by June Cheng
Posted 7/27/18, 04:08 pm

Last October, the Taiwan studies faculty at the University of Salamanca in northwest Spain planned a “Taiwan Cultural Days” event with a speech from Simon Ko, the Taiwan representative to Spain; a martial arts demonstration; an introduction to Taiwanese music and dance; and a sampling of popular Taiwanese snacks.

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Fuller Theological Seminary announces campus move

by Leigh Jones
Posted 5/24/18, 11:42 am

Fuller Theological Seminary announced this week it will put its Pasadena, Calif., campus up for sale ahead of a planned move to Pomona, Calif., by 2021. The relocation will allow the school to build a modern campus in a less expensive area with lower living costs, putting “a Fuller education in reach of more people,” acting Provost Mari Clements told the Los Angeles Times.

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Li Qihua/Xinhua/Newscom

Institutional power

Higher Education | Ubiquitous Confucius Institutes spread the influence of China’s Communist government abroad under the guise of teaching language and culture
by June Cheng & Onize Ohikere
Posted 4/12/18, 02:35 pm

Inside the bustling University of Lagos campus in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Chinese and Nigerian flags fly outside a green shipping-container-turned-building with “Confucius Institute” written in both English and Mandarin. Chinese paper lanterns dangle from the eaves while a white scroll painting of Confucius hangs in the hallway. In a courtyard opposite the institute, senior Bolu Nathaniel sits beneath the shade of a tree and belts out a Chinese love ballad. “Because you are my eyes, you show me that the world is right in front of me,” he sings in flawless Mandarin.

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