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College without debt: A commitment in faith

Higher Education
by Matt Bell
Posted 5/23/14, 05:00 pm

Editor’s note: The average graduate in the college class of 2014 is leaving school with a record debt of $33,000 dollars in school-related loans, according to the firm Edvisors. And The Wall Street Journal reports that amount is nearly double the amount graduates had to pay back just 20 years ago, even adjusting for inflation.

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Photo courtesy of the Missouri Board of Tourism

Another school files suit against federal government

Higher Education | College of the Ozarks joins more than a dozen Christian colleges fighting the contraceptive mandate
by Leigh Jones
Posted 9/18/12, 12:45 pm

A small Christian college in Missouri filed suit against the federal government Monday over the mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance coverage for contraceptive drugs.

The College of the Ozarks, in Point Lookout, Mo., is the 14th Christian school to challenge the mandate in court. The school timed its suit to coincide with the 225th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, school President Jerry C. Davis said in a prepared statement.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ricardo B. Brazziell, Statesman.com

Bomb threats evacuate Texas, North Dakota campuses

Higher Education
by Wire Reports
Posted 9/14/12, 01:15 pm

UPDATE: AUSTIN, Texas (AP)—Thousands of people streamed off university campuses in Texas and North Dakota on Friday after phoned-in bomb threats prompted evacuations and officials warned students and faculty to get away as quickly as possible. No bombs were found on either campus by early afternoon it was not clear whether the threats were related.

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