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Associated Press/Photo by Charles Krupa

Harvard discrimination trial opens Monday

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/15/18, 11:24 am

Opening statements are scheduled for Monday in a lawsuit that alleges Harvard University’s admission process discriminated against Asian-Americans. Virginia-based Students for Fair Admissions claims that Harvard unfairly rejected qualified applicants to keep its Asian-American student population artificially low. Harvard denies the charges and said race was only one factor in its application process. The trial will begin at a federal court in Boston.

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Krieg Barrie

Number crunch

Higher Education | Social justice warriors set sights on math and engineering
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 9/27/18, 10:51 am

On March 15 of this year, a celebrated footbridge in Sweetwater, Fla., crashed into the evening news. The bridge was a key component of Florida International University, linking the main campus with student housing on the other side of a seven-lane boulevard. The design expressed forward thinking and innovation: Though it resembled a suspension bridge, the cables and tower were more for dramatic effect. The actual support came from a series of concrete trusses (triangles), repurposed for a new concept dubbed the “reinvented I-beam.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Elise Amendola (file)

DOJ supports Asian-American students suing Harvard

by Sarah Schweinsberg
Posted 8/31/18, 10:54 am

The Trump administration has taken sides in a federal lawsuit against Harvard University, saying the elite school discriminated against Asian-American applicants. The students in the suit contend Harvard rejected them to keep its Asian-American student population artificially low. On Thursday, the U.S.

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