Taking it to the states

Medicine | With presidential veto, stem-cell battle is far from over
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 8/12/06, 12:00 am

ST. LOUIS-Republican senators returning to their home states for August recess face constituencies newly fractured over expanding public funding for embryonic stem-cell research. The issue-which drew the first veto of the Bush administration July 19-has fractured not only Republicans but even those conservatives elected with pro-life constituencies.

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PGD: An embryologist prepares an embryo to be analyzed for sex determination.

Taming the Wild West

Medicine | Bioethicists want to keep tabs on the practice of making "designer babies"
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 7/15/06, 12:00 am

At first, the British government typically only allowed couples to toss out in vitro fertilization embryos if the embryos tested positive for serious childhood illnesses. Recently, it extended the allowance to include embryos with a chance of developing inherited cancer such as breast cancer as adults.

Now, the Sunday Times reports, doctors at the University College Hospital in London are asking the government to allow parents to choose the sex of their child if they have a family history of autism-a non-fatal condition that affects more boys than girls.

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Be prepared

Health | With policies on poultry inoculation, vaccine production, and pricing in flux, fighting bird flu is a matter of planning, not panic
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 6/10/06, 12:00 am

The first book of Kings relates that when Elijah's servant looked toward the sea he saw nothing. Seven times Elijah told him to look again, "and at the seventh time he said, 'Behold, a little cloud like a man's hand is rising from the sea.' . . . And in a little while the heavens grew black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain."

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