Jonas Ekstromer/TT News Agency via AP

The coronavirus data debate

Health | Should the U.S. mimic Sweden’s response to the pandemic?
by Jill Nelson
Posted 5/18/20, 08:48 pm

Two months into California’s shelter-in-place order, locals are restless. As spring fever takes hold, people are pouring onto the beaches in large numbers and protesting Gov. Gavin Newsom’s continued restrictions.

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Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon

White House plans to turbocharge vaccine effort

by Harvest Prude
Posted 5/18/20, 11:02 am

The Trump administration hopes to deploy 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine in the United States and around the world by January. Former drug company executive Moncef Slaoui and U.S. Army Gen. Gustave Perna are spearheading the nearly $10 billion project, dubbed Operation Warp Speed, to fast-track a vaccine, President Donald Trump announced Friday.

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Gregory Bull/AP Photo

Lockdown showdowns are brewing in California

Coronavirus | Governments, business owners, and protesters tussle over when to open again
by Sophia Lee
Posted 5/15/20, 01:42 pm

Gavin Louis Uridel is not a “protesty kind of guy.” He’s not an activist perpetually enraged over broken systems and broken people. He’s a pretty happy guy—a jacked-up fitness enthusiast with shoulder-length blond dreadlocks, beach-kissed skin, and vein-popping thighs. He quit his job as a lawyer to open a gym next to the Pacific waters after professing faith in Jesus Christ.

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