Grief & Suffering

Cruel summer

Relationships | Loneliness plagues our social-media-drenched society, and summer is the season of greatest isolation
by Juliana Chan Erikson
Posted 6/14/18, 01:42 am

This summer, as millions of Americans slather on the SPF and race for the beach, many others will be stuck at home, feeling lonely and forgotten as they aimlessly scroll through your happy Instagram photos. Put “loneliness of summer” into a search engine and you’ll find articles defining summer as “a season of intense loneliness and isolation. All your friends are on vacation for weeks at a time. … Ecstatic Facebook updates about festivals, BBQ’s and exotic holiday destinations only seem to rub your nose in the fact that you’re stuck at home.”

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Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin/AP

Good Friday in hard places

Grief & Suffering | Suffering Christians around the world display the surpassing joy of Easter Sunday
by Jamie Dean
Posted 3/30/18, 12:22 pm

Every spring, I realize all over again that Easter is my favorite holiday of the year. And it often brings memories of springtime spent in difficult places.

A few years ago, I spent the week before Easter in a refugee camp on the border between South Sudan and northern Sudan—a remote expanse where some 20,000 men, women, and children had fled deprivation and bombing campaigns inflicted by the Khartoum-based government in the north. 

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‘Move on’ to what?

Grief & Suffering | A common response to tragedy says a lot about views on life
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 3/29/18, 03:43 pm

An op-ed in The Washington Post in February stirred no small amount of comments (at least 3,000 on the WaPo page, last I looked). The writer, Ruth Marcus, was disturbed about legislative proposals to ban the abortion of babies with Down syndrome. Or, as she put it, “barring women from terminating their pregnancies after the fetus has been determined” to bear the defective gene.

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