Grief & Suffering
Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP

California apocalypse

Grief & Suffering | In a California town struck by a mass shooting and a wildfire, stunned neighbors and churches offered comfort to one another
by Sophia Lee
Posted 11/20/18, 09:36 am

For days, the sun and moon were blood-orange—that is, if you could see them through the thick haze of ashes and smoke. Three major wildfires in California in November—the Camp Fire in Northern California, the Woolsey and Hill Fires in Southern California—devoured hundreds of thousands of acres, killing at least 80 people and destroying thousands of homes. In some areas, the haze was so dense that it tinted everything orange-yellow, as though the world had transformed into an old sepia photograph.

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Elaine Thompson/AP

A Psalm for sorrows

Grief & Suffering | Finding Biblical balm amid mass shootings and other tragedies
by Jamie Dean
Posted 11/17/18, 11:47 am

Another outbreak of mass shootings in recent days, including an attack on a bar in Southern California that ended with 13 dead last week, leaves communities across the country lamenting life in a broken and sinful world.

How do we navigate it?

For the Christian believer, an Old Testament book offers a needed liturgy for suffering: The Psalms give fertile ground for deep sighs and groans before the Maker of heaven and earth. 

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Margaret Ferrec for WORLD Magazine

Memento mori

Lifestyle | A citywide reckoning with death in New York shows Americans may be ready to talk about a topic they once sought to avoid
by Emily Belz
Posted 11/15/18, 11:16 am

In a high-end co-working space in Manhattan’s NoMad, where trendy crystals decked out a candlelit bar, a group lounged on pillows scattered on the floor for an open mic to talk about death. 

“I am going to die,” the room of mostly millennials said in unison at the beginning of the event. 

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