First Amendment
Associated Press/Photo by Evan Vucci

Conservative student paper wins final legal battle with college

Free Speech
by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/14/13, 03:40 pm

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal in a college free speech case that pitted a conservative newspaper against school administrators at Oregon State University (OSU), letting a lower court’s ruling stand. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last year that university officials violated the independent paper’s constitutionally protected freedoms when they confiscated and destroyed its distribution bins. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Jennifer Shephard/The Elkhart Truth

California school district backs off flagpole prayer ban

Free Speech
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 9/28/13, 10:15 am

A California school district attempted to stop its teachers from attending the “See You at the Pole” (SYATP) student-led prayer gathering this week, initially claiming the teachers’s attendance would be unconstitutional before reversing its decision the day before the event.

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Associated Press/Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta

Christians aren't exempt from campus speech protections

Free Speech
by Laura Edghill
Posted 9/25/13, 04:15 pm

Mary Beth Tinker was just 13 when she spoke out against the Vietnam War by wearing a black armband to her Iowa school in 1965. When the school suspended her, she took her free speech case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won. Now 61, she’s quit her part-time job as a nurse and is traveling across the country championing free speech in public schools.

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