First Amendment
Associated Press/Photo by Mosa'ab Elshamy

Coptic teens, teacher await charges in Egypt over anti-ISIS video

Free Speech
by Julia A. Seymour
Posted 5/18/15, 01:40 pm

Egyptian authorities continue to detain a Coptic Christian teacher and four teenagers in Al-Nasriyah, for “insulting Islam.”

During a May 7 hearing, the judge ordered they be held 15 more days for investigation, according to Todd Daniels, International Christian Concern’s regional manager for the Middle East.

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No concessions

Free Speech | We must strongly support the rights of those who deliberately offend Muslims
by Joel Belz
Posted 5/15/15, 01:00 am

Next time there’s a shooting somewhere here in America that strikes you as likely to have come from a radical believer in Islam, ask yourself this question: Why do our culture’s justice system and its mainstream media both seem so protective of Islam and so eager to keep you from premature judgment?

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Provoking, offending, and freedom

First Amendment
by La Shawn Barber
Posted 5/06/15, 11:17 am

I can say with 99 percent certainty I’ll never draw the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a parody or as a serious depiction, but I have criticized radical Islam and will continue to do so. I don’t go out of my way to offend, but, as a Christian and a conservative with published opinions, I end up offending someone.

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