First Amendment
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Facebook’s First Amendment chokehold

First Amendment | The social media giant blocked two Christian ministry pages this month, offering only vague explanations about community standards violations
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 10/24/17, 01:35 pm

Facebook shut down two Christian ministry pages this month, without warning or explanation, renewing fears about the social media giant’s ability to control access to an important corner of today’s public square.

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When speech is not free

First Amendment | Members of the U.S. military don’t enjoy all the First Amendment protections they’re called to defend
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 10/03/17, 04:16 pm

An active-duty U.S. Army officer could face court-martial and time in the guardhouse for his use of social media to vilify his superiors and promote communism. 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, a 2016 U.S. Military Academy graduate, is under investigation for posts that include a July tweet stating he would “happily dance” on the grave of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

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You better believe it

Culture | Relativism is history, and a confused absolutism is taking its place
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 9/18/17, 02:25 pm

That may be true for you . . . 
Hey, whatever floats your boat . . . 
My reality isn’t necessarily yours . . .

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