First Amendment
Associated Press/Photo by Damian Dovarganes (file)

State to worshippers: Don’t make a joyful noise

Religious Liberty | Churches sue after California curtails public worship again
by Steve West
Posted 7/21/20, 04:03 pm

Last Monday between 300 and 400 protesters gathered on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. But they didn’t shout “defund the police”—they worshiped, sang, and prayed, reported Fox News.

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Associated Press/Photo by Patrick Semansky

A victory for religious autonomy

First Amendment | The Supreme Court reaffirms discrimination protections for religious schools
by Steve West
Posted 7/14/20, 01:27 pm

Religious school administrators celebrated Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision vindicating their right to make decisions about who should teach children about their faith.

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Alliance Defending Freedom

An impossible choice for Christian business owners

First Amendment | Wedding photographer’s dilemma highlights the need for clarity on conscience rights
by Steve West
Posted 7/07/20, 05:39 pm

A Christian wedding photographer in Virginia faces three bad options: compromising his religious beliefs, violating the law and risking bankruptcy, or shutting down. Chris Herring takes photos for LGBT clients but draws the line at content that violates his faith, like photographing a same-sex wedding. “I happily work with and serve all customers,” he said, “but I can’t and won’t let the state force me to express messages that contradict my beliefs.”

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