First Amendment
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Future still murky for Christian bakers

First Amendment | The Supreme Court’s recent decision leaves room for interpretation
by Lynde Langdon
Posted 6/05/18, 12:06 pm

The government cannot coerce Colorado baker Jack Phillips to bake cakes for gay weddings, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, but the future remains uncertain for other Christians in the wedding business. Though seven of nine justices agreed in Masterpiece Cakeshop v.

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Judicial wordplay redefines locker room reality

First Amendment | Two courts rule in favor of transgender students who want unfettered access to sex-segregated facilities
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 5/29/18, 01:38 pm

Two courts, one in Pennsylvania and another in Virginia, last week disregarded students’ pleas for privacy in public school locker rooms and restrooms. The judges avoided making any distinctions between the sexes and ruled transgender students should be allowed to use the sex-segregated facilities that affirm their gender identity.

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America’s growing divide over constitutional interpretation

First Amendment | New survey shows young people want the Constitution read with a ‘current times’ mindset
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 5/22/18, 02:37 pm

A majority of Americans say courts should interpret the U.S. Constitution according to what it “means in current times” not as “originally written,” according a new Pew Research Center survey. This year’s survey results mark the first time a majority of respondents (55 percent) advocate that position and reveal a deep, and growing, generational and political divide over the idea of timeless truth.

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