First Amendment
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LA County terminates parking agreement with MacArthur’s church

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 8/31/20, 12:00 pm

Worshippers have nearly filled Grace Community Church’s 3,500-seat auditorium at times during the past several weeks in peaceful defiance of state and county health orders. So far, Los Angeles County hasn’t made good on threats of fines or imprisonment against the Sun Valley, Calif., church or its pastor, John MacArthur.

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Public forum vs. government speech

First Amendment | Courts consider how the First Amendment applies to government-approved messages
by Steve West
Posted 8/24/20, 09:10 pm

When Hal Shurtleff requested permission to fly his organization’s Christian flag above Boston City Hall in 2017, he had no reason to think the city would deny his request. He was wrong.

Shurtleff’s case highlights the distinction between government speech and private speech in government-regulated forums. Similar questions have surfaced recently concerning Black Lives Matter murals on the streets of U.S. cities.

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Facebook/Grace Community Church

MacArthur vs. California—the battle continues

Churches | The popular pastor and his megachurch continue to fight against an indoor worship ban
by Steve West, Mickey McLean & Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 8/18/20, 03:14 pm

After several days of legal seesawing, state and local officials and John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church are back where they started, with California and Los Angeles County saying no to indoor services and the congregation gathering for worship anyway.

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