First Amendment

Block the vote

Church/State | Politics ends at the narthex door, says liberal Midwest watchdog group, but what about voter registration?
by Jamie Dean
Posted 9/18/04, 12:00 am

A well-organized spy network is fanning out to infiltrate what it thinks are some of the most dangerous places in Johnson County, Kan. The group isn't worried about terror cells or gang lairs. It's worried about church worship services.

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'Your will be done'

Church-State | Barred by a federal judge from hearing the "official" graduation prayer, 100 public-school students stand spontaneously and recite the Lord's Prayer during ceremonies
Posted 6/15/02, 12:00 am

For months, Michael Ervin had been looking forward to offering the prayer at his high-school graduation. For hours, it looked like that would be impossible. But for years to come, he'll be remembered as the kid who prayed anyway.

Michael, vice president of his class at St. Albans High in Charleston, W. Va., had already received approval from the principal for his prayer: Father, it began, "You are the reason we are here and everyone needs to acknowledge that."

Civil libertarians were not in an acknowledging mood.

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