First Amendment
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Essential services?

First Amendment | Some churches fight stay-at-home orders on First Amendment grounds
by Steve West
Posted 3/31/20, 05:28 pm

With New York City engulfed by the coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday pleaded with congregations not to gather for worship—and threatened severe repercussions if they did.

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Shall Google make no law?

First Amendment | Courts reaffirm that tech giants are not subject to the First Amendment
by Steve West
Posted 3/10/20, 02:55 pm

The First Amendment opens with the words “Congress shall make no law.” But what happens when corporations gain just as much or more power than Congress to curtail free speech? Though conservatives and liberals protest censorship by companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, two recent cases suggest the courts don’t want to see the First Amendment applied to Big Tech anytime soon.

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No penalty for prayer

Religious Liberty | Appeals court overturns decision barring pregame prayer
by Steve West
Posted 11/19/19, 03:37 pm

A federal appeals court last week overturned a 2017 lower court decision that barred two Christian high schools in Florida from using a stadium’s public-address system for a pregame prayer.

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