First Amendment
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Who’s biased on campus?

Free Speech | Lawsuit claims Virginia Tech speech code and anti-bias rules stifle speech
by Steve West
Posted 4/13/21, 02:16 pm

Universities have historically been bastions of new ideas, including unpopular ones. But a lawsuit against Virginia Tech administrators contends conservative ideas are increasingly unwelcome.

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Clarence Thomas sounds alarm over Big Tech power

Free Speech | The Supreme Court vacates a ruling about former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account
by Steve West
Posted 4/06/21, 01:21 pm

Sometimes a concurring opinion in a Supreme Court ruling says more than the main decision. That seemed to be the case Monday when the justices vacated a lower court decision that found former President Donald Trump violated the First Amendment by blocking seven of his critics from viewing or responding to tweets from his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. In a concurrence, Justice Clarence Thomas laid out the legal challenges posed by Big Tech and free speech.

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Alliance Defending Freedom

Reining in university thought police

Free Speech | Court sides with Ohio professor who declined to use student’s preferred pronouns
by Steve West
Posted 3/30/21, 02:17 pm

A federal appeals court waded into the debate over gender pronouns on Friday, upholding a Christian professor’s right to not address students in class by pronouns not consistent with their sex.

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