Family & Society

Lessons of faith from Columbine

by Amy Henry
Posted 4/30/09, 02:09 pm

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The right time for babies

by Tony Woodlief
Posted 4/27/09, 07:11 pm

"There are a thousand reasons not to have a baby," write Candice and Steve Watters in Start Your Family. "But in deciding against children, or even in just deciding to wait a little longer, you risk missing out on a miracle---a larger-than-life, inexpressible joy."

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Earth: The movie

by Megan Dunham
Posted 4/23/09, 02:27 pm

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

Our Lord God made them all

It probably isn't breaking news that Disney's new nature movie, Earth, is now playing in theaters. What might be considered slightly breaking news (at least around here) is I'm planning to shell out carefully budgeted grocery money to take my kids to see it this weekend.

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