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‘Junior detectives’ rescue elderly woman

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/07/19, 10:50 am

When a group of kids heard the announcement about an elderly woman missing in their neighborhood, they hopped on their bicycles. The police department in Roseville, Calif., on Sept. 30 asked the public for help finding 97-year-old Glenneta Belford, who had dementia and was “mostly non-verbal.”

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‘Political advocacy science at its worst’

Family | Researchers acknowledge they conducted a study on conversion therapy to bolster efforts to ban the practice
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 10/04/19, 04:06 pm

Researchers claim to have completed the first study to prove that efforts to help people overcome gender dysphoria cause psychological harm. But critics argue the data is fundamentally flawed and the study doesn’t back its claims.

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Associated Press/National Transportation Safety Board

World War II–era bomber crashes

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/03/19, 11:33 am

A B-17 bomber lost control after takeoff and crashed into a maintenance building at an airport on Wednesday in Windsor Locks, Conn. Seven of the 13 people on board died. The pilots reported the plane was not gaining altitude a few minutes into the flight and turned back to the airport before crashing. The people killed included a former police officer and an insurance analyst, but authorities have not identified any of the others as of Thursday morning.

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