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Associated Press/Photo by Branden Camp

America marks a quiet MLK Day

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 1/18/21, 01:59 pm

President-elect Joe Biden and members of his family packed boxes at a Philadelphia hunger relief organization on Monday. He encouraged Americans to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day in a socially distanced way by volunteering in their communities. The pandemic and tightened security across the nation heading into Biden’s inauguration this week meant fewer ceremonies and events took place than normal.

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Associated Press/Photo by Rich Pedroncelli (file)

State mandates payment for children’s breast removal

Sexuality | California dubs double mastectomies an appropriate transgender treatment for girls
by Mary Jackson
Posted 1/08/21, 02:36 pm

As a child, Erin Brewer would have had her healthy breasts amputated if presented with the opportunity to fulfill her strong desire to be a boy. Instead, she said, a school psychologist helped her come to terms with her gender. Now, she is grateful to have nursed her three children.

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Immutable advantage

Sexuality | Hormone treatments do not erase the unfairness of transgender athletics
by Mary Jackson
Posted 1/08/21, 01:47 pm

Collegiate and Olympic sports require men who want to participate in women’s sports because they identify as transgender to take one year of testosterone-suppressing drugs. New scientific evidence challenges whether that is enough to level the playing field and protect women.

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