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Experimenting on emotionally distressed children

Family | South Dakota pushes back against sex change treatment for minors
by Kiley Crossland
Posted 1/24/20, 04:11 pm

A South Dakota legislative committee approved a bill this week that would penalize medical professionals who prescribe hormone treatments or perform sex change surgeries for gender dysphoric children under age 16. Supporters of the measure argue the listed interventions are not healthcare but rather criminal acts against children too young to understand the long-term, irreversible effects.

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Scrapbooking veteran gets a lot of love

by Onize Ohikere
Posted 1/24/20, 11:25 am

Retired Maj. Bill White is 104 years old and has a lot of cutting and pasting to do. The Marine veteran from Stockton, Calif., asked for people to send him valentines to add to his scrapbook collection. In a little more than a week, he has received more than 20,000 cards and 200 packages in the mail—and they keep coming.

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Associated Press/Photo by Sally York/The Argus-Press

Man returns thousands in found cash

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 1/22/20, 11:36 am

A Michigan man chose integrity over “finders, keepers.” After discovering $43,170 hidden in a used piece of furniture he had purchased, Howard Kirby searched out the original owner to return it despite a lawyer informing him that he had no legal obligation to do so.

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