Faith & Religion

Ethics 201: Implementation

by Bill Newton
Posted 10/10/15, 12:54 pm

Jason is a good tennis player, but not great. He reads tennis magazines to learn the latest techniques, takes lessons regularly, has top-flight equipment, and plays in a league. Nevertheless, he cannot hit a backhand shot consistently well. He can describe a good backhand, walk his way through it in slow motion, but in competitive play, he simply slams the ball into the net. Just like Jason’s problems on the tennis court, we may have a well-developed set of ethics and know them perfectly, but we cannot implement them.

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The Becket Fund

Anglican church wins land-use fight with Florida city

by Sarah Padbury
Posted 10/08/15, 01:28 pm

After a two year legal battle, a Florida Anglican congregation finalized an agreement on Monday with the city of Jacksonville Beach for a special permit to build a church on land located in an area zoned for residential development.

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Come home, prodigal

Churches | How ‘attractional’ churches treat the Bible as a how-to manual instead of a grace-filled life preserver. An excerpt from <em>The Prodigal Church</em>
by Jared C. Wilson
Posted 10/03/15, 08:55 am

Jared Wilson’s The Prodigal Church: A Gentle Manifesto against the Status Quo (Crossway, 2015) articulately points out problems in many “seeker churches,” aka “attractional churches.” He shows how some emphasize self-improvement or life-enhancement rather than God-enhancement: “If the purpose of worship is to feel good, we stop worshiping God.” He’s concerned when a church seems more like a concert, and he explains, regarding youth ministries, “what you win them with is what you win them to.”

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