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Pastoral privilege?

Religion | A tax break for clergy housing faces a legal challenge
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 6/01/02, 12:00 am

Many clergy receive a special tax break unavailable to journalists, engineers, doctors, and other professionals. It's called the "parsonage [or manse] allowance." That tax break is likely to face a new court challenge, even though Congress and the president moved speedily in April and May to give it federal protection.

The issue is rooted in tax-code provisions adopted in 1921 and expanded in 1954. Under the code, the Internal Revenue Service allows clergy to exempt from reportable income the portion of their salary used to rent or provide a home.

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Dobson's choice

Religion | Focus on the Family leader responds to IBS accusations in TNIV controversy
Posted 4/20/02, 12:00 am

When WORLD reader Jonathan Clough recently informed the Colorado Springs-based International Bible Society he no longer would be sending contributions, he had no idea of the chain reaction his letter would begin. The letter cited objections to IBS's new "gender-inclusive" TNIV Bible and the controversial actions surrounding its release (WORLD, Feb. 23, 2002). It brought a reply from Cathe Temmerman, IBS's director of donor communications. She expressed regret at his decision, then launched into a defense of IBS's actions.

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Religion Notes

Posted 3/28/98, 12:00 am

Missing the jackpot

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