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Pulpit politics

Religion | With Kerry at the altar, IRS rules need not apply
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 11/06/04, 12:00 am

The Kerry campaign's aggressive politicking in black churches in the final weeks of the presidential election landed some of those churches in hot water. Press accounts told of numerous campaign visits to churches in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Miami, and elsewhere in Florida by Sen. John Kerry, Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Ted Kennedy, former presidential candidate Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others. The speeches, unabashedly partisan and fear-mongering, lambasted President Bush. In some of the pulpits, pastors openly endorsed Mr. Kerry and urged church members to vote for him.

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Polite rebuke

Religion | Anglican commission mildly taps radical bishops on the wrist
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 10/30/04, 12:00 am

Pickings were slim for conservatives in the long-awaited Lambeth Commission's "Windsor Report" on the crisis in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

They had wanted to see the predominantly liberal U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA) "disciplined" for consecrating as bishop last year V. Gene Robinson, a homosexual living with his male partner, and for allowing same-sex blessings under official ECUSA auspices. Instead, liberal bishops in ECUSA got off with little more than a mild tap on the wrist, and Bishop Robinson kept his job.

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Special deliveries

Religion | Churches are coming up with creative ways to meet struggling people's physical needs-and opening doors to address their even deeper spiritual needs
by Lynn Vincent
Posted 10/16/04, 12:00 am

Cecil Johnson is certain he once met an angel. It was on July 28, 1996. Fleeing a decades-long crack cocaine habit, Mr. Johnson had left Eustis, Fla., the day before on foot and walked all night in a soaking Southern rain. He was determined to hitch a ride to Atlanta.

"I just needed to get out from around drugs," he said. It was a humble departure for a man who had once been an uptown drug dealer, spending lavishly on the ladies from a suitcase full of cash he kept in the trunk of his canary-yellow Lincoln Towncar.

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