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Brothers to the end

Religion | Three Muslim terrorists who became Christians now risk their lives to "speak the truth"
by Priya Abraham
Posted 7/15/06, 12:00 am

If there's one question that needles Walid Shoebat it is, "When did you become a terrorist?" His face tenses and he shifts impatiently in his seat. "All Western journalists ask that," he says. "You're involved the moment you're born."

Shoebat's point is that becoming an Islamic militant does not start with hurling Molotov cocktails. The process starts with childhood indoctrination, with fatherly bedtime stories about the glory of martyrdom and fighting Jews. For Shoebat, "It's not just putting a bomb, it's the willingness to put a bomb."

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Nothing resolved

Religion | ECUSA passes a watered-down response to the Windsor Report and sets itself on a collision course with the Anglican Communion
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 7/01/06, 12:00 am

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Memo to new Episcopal Presiding Bishop-elect Katherine Jefferts Schori: Don't bother packing your bags; it appears you and most of your fellow bishops won't be invited to the next Lambeth meeting of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The full fallout from actions and inactions at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (ECUSA) last week in Columbus, Ohio, is still unknown. But one thing seems clear: Despite desperate last-minute maneuvers and arm-twisting at the convention, the church failed to pass the test for remaining in the Anglican Communion.

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Program shackled

Religion | Iowa judge orders Prison Fellowship to end successful program
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 6/17/06, 12:00 am

It doesn't matter that Prison Fellowship's InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) has had remarkable success at turning around criminals and returning them more stable and productive to their families and society. It's a religious-oriented program that is partly funded with government money, and that makes it unconstitutional and unlawful.

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