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Copper Mountain Community Church

Houses of God | Copper Mountain, Colo.
by The Editors
Posted 2/19/16, 01:00 am

Lay ministers at Copper Mountain Community Church hold regular services for Sunday skiers at Copper Mountain ski resort, meeting in an open-air pavilion perched at 11,000 feet.

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Gospel for Asia sued for fraud

Religion | A class-action lawsuit alleges the ministry misappropriated donated funds
by William McCleery
Posted 2/10/16, 12:23 pm

A Dallas-based law firm filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against Gospel for Asia Inc. (GFA), alleging the Texas-based international ministry has engaged in fraud and racketeering.

GFA has claimed that hundreds of millions it has received in donations have gone to help the poor and preach the gospel. The lawsuit, though, alleges that ministry leaders were “covertly diverting the money to a multi-million dollar personal empire.”

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The One Minute Apologist on doubting well

Q&A | Popular North Carolina pastor talks about wrestling with his own doubts and shepherding others through theirs
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 2/06/16, 08:45 am

Bobby Conway is a pastor and author, but millions of people know him as the One Minute Apologist. Over the past decade, Conway has uploaded more than 800 short videos to YouTube, offering short, sharp answers to questions such as “Is Jesus God?” and “If God is good, all-powerful, and loving, why would He allow evil in the world?” Conway is a recovering alcoholic who is honest about his spiritual journey, including struggles with depression and doubt.

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