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Name that evangelical, please

by Marvin Olasky
Posted 3/05/16, 11:38 am

“Compassionate conservatism” needed renaming once its transformation into a big government plan ruined the brand.

“Evangelical” also needs renaming, as its broad application by pollsters and marketers have made that term largely meaningless.

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Augustine: Jesus did what we cannot do

Religion | Christ died not to set an example but to save us from sin and death
by Gerald Bray
Posted 2/27/16, 02:52 pm

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Wayne Grudem reflects on his life's work

Q&A | Newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the professor and theologian looks back on his accomplishments and to the work ahead
by Warren Cole Smith
Posted 2/27/16, 10:00 am

Wayne Grudem is a teacher, author, and speaker, but that description fails to describe the full scope of his work. His work translating the Bible into the English Standard Version, or ESV, and creating the bestselling ESV Study Bible would be a life’s work in and of itself for many people. His Systematic Theology, first published in 1995, weighs in at more than 1,200 pages. It’s not the sort of book that typically makes bestseller lists, but it sold hundreds of thousands of copies and has been enormously influential in the evangelical church.

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