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Oreb, Zeeb, and tumbleweed

Religion | In the end, God will get the last word
by Joel Belz
Posted 12/13/17, 05:22 pm

Remember good old Oreb and Zeeb? I try my best, every so often, to reintroduce them to WORLD’s readers. Otherwise, you might confuse them with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran or Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

Most likely, though, you didn’t have a clue whom I had in mind when I mentioned Oreb and Zeeb. I had to look them up myself in my Bible dictionary after seeing them mentioned in Psalm 83.

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Advent opportunity

Sexual Abuse | The church can distinguish itself in this dark season
by Jamie Dean
Posted 12/01/17, 01:45 pm

For those keeping track, Dec. 3 marks the first Sunday of Advent. 

It comes at a good time.

The Advent season begins as the advent of a particularly dark cultural moment continues. This week brought more disturbing accusations against more powerful men about sexual misconduct against women they knew. 

Long lay the world in sin and error pining …

With the advent of the Christmas season, I’ve been considering: How did the perfect God-man interact with women when He lived on earth? 

The Gospels show us. 

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The new rules

Culture | We lose something when we look to legal fences for safety
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 11/19/17, 12:09 am

There has been climate change in America.

I came close to changing a stinky diaper the other day. They caught me in time. On my next volunteer shift at a local Christian ministry, I was taken aside and told in hushed tones that someone had walked into the room and seen me and reported it. I am served notice never to change a diaper in that nursery unless another woman is watching me. That’s the new rule.

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