The new rules

Culture | We lose something when we look to legal fences for safety
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 11/19/17, 12:09 am

There has been climate change in America.

I came close to changing a stinky diaper the other day. They caught me in time. On my next volunteer shift at a local Christian ministry, I was taken aside and told in hushed tones that someone had walked into the room and seen me and reported it. I am served notice never to change a diaper in that nursery unless another woman is watching me. That’s the new rule.

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Finding Jesus after the Summer of Love

Lifestyle | 50 years later, some former hippies still follow Christ
by Mary Jackson
Posted 11/19/17, 12:02 am

SAN FRANCISCO—This year marks the 50th anniversary of San Francisco’s 1967 Summer of Love—a summer that quickly turned into a winter of discontent, rife with drug overdoses, sexually transmitted diseases, and other miseries. The deteriorating Haight-Ashbury scene proved fertile ground for the Jesus Movement, as disillusioned hippies professed faith in Christ. Many, now old, remember those weird and wonderful days.

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Agony and glory

Religion | Sutherland Springs reminds us politics isn’t ultimate
by Jamie Dean
Posted 11/17/17, 12:46 pm

In a news week consumed with the ugly convulsions in a Senate race in Alabama, my mind keeps returning to the red roses in a tiny church in Texas.

Have you seen the images?

The members of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, turned the site of a madman’s massacre in their little sanctuary into a moving memorial to the 26 churchgoers cut down during morning worship on Nov. 5.

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