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Steady grace

Churches | Sad times at Willow Creek Church show the importance of church community and daily dependence on God’s mercy
by Jamie Dean
Posted 4/27/18, 04:56 pm

These are hard days for members of Willow Creek Community Church. The Chicago-area megachurch is grappling with reports that its decadeslong pastor, Bill Hybels, made inappropriate advances toward several women. 

Hybels denied the allegations, but told his congregation, “I placed myself in situations that would have been far wiser to avoid.” He had planned to retire in October after 40 years of ministry, but stepped down from his post in early April.

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Conference callings

Faith & Inspiration | High-profile Christian gatherings draw lots of people—and some scrutiny—but what happens when the crowd goes home?
by Jamie Dean
Posted 4/13/18, 03:29 pm

Writers at WORLD often receive invitations to attend conferences of all sorts. Sometimes we’ll go to meet interesting people and learn about important ideas, but we rarely cover the event itself.

Why not?

It isn’t because we dislike conferences. (Indeed, some of our writers speak at such gatherings.) But while large-scale conferences may highlight important truths, as journalists we’re looking to cover truth in action.

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Carl and Harold and Billy

Religion | Behind the scenes, Billy Graham helped efforts to strengthen the evangelical mind
by Russ Pulliam
Posted 3/15/18, 12:17 pm

Billy Graham’s death (and his funeral on March 2) ends an era of evangelical revival that took off at the 1949 crusade in Los Angeles.

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