Hearing J.I. Packer again

Theology | Remembering an interview with the great theologian
by Joel Belz
Posted 7/24/20, 01:25 pm

In the 34 years since we published the first issue of WORLD Magazine, perhaps half a dozen names leap off the pages as truly memorable one-on-one interviews I was privileged to pursue with notable people. And of those half-dozen interviewees, none ranks higher than the British-born theologian J.I. Packer, who died on July 17.

Which makes it more embarrassing to tell you of my carelessness with that interview. 

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Ron Storer/Genesis Photos

Theologian and churchman J.I. Packer dies at age 93

Obituary | “God saves sinners” was his simple summation of the gospel
by Jamie Dean
Posted 7/17/20, 10:16 pm

J.I. Packer, one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century, died on Friday, July 17. He was 93.

Packer authored hundreds of Christian books and articles over more than half a century, but he’s perhaps best known for his 1973 work Knowing God. Publishers have sold more than 1.5 million copies since the book’s release and have translated it into more than a dozen languages. 

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A book that asks: “Hath God really said?”

Theology | The peril of not believing what the Bible says about itself
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 7/16/20, 03:59 pm

DISCLAIMER: I was the café server at the seminary where the man who wrote the book I am about to critique was a Bible professor. There is no reason why you should pay attention to what a turkey wrap maker has to say except that the Bible itself is the great leveler of credentials: God reveals to children what He keeps from the wise and learned. Be good Bereans and judge for yourself.

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