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Lessons in humility

Lifestyle | Steven Thomas entered the pastoral ministry full of pride. But painful trials reminded him God is in charge of outcomes
by Charissa Koh
Posted 2/27/20, 04:15 pm

Second in a series on long ministry

For 37 years, Steven Thomas has served as pastor of Huron Baptist Church in Flat Rock, Mich. Looking back, he sees his own ambition as a persistent challenge to his ministry. But fully recognizing the problem took years.

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Mark Goode

Long time staying

Religion | Richard Hornok expected to spend his life in ministry—but not all at one small church in Texas
by Charissa Koh
Posted 1/30/20, 02:20 pm

First in an occasional series on long ministry

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Power players

Religion | A lack of understanding of evangelicalism weakens The Family
by Megan Basham
Posted 8/15/19, 04:25 pm

The new Netflix documentary series, The Family, could have been an insightful exploration of the poisoning effects of secrecy and political power on faith. Instead, it contributes to the divisive age we live in by turning common failings into Da Vinci Code–style conspiracies and subtly suggesting evangelicalism itself is a threat to the nation.

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