Mere sponge cake

Theology | The problems with Stanleyism
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/11/18, 04:10 pm

Frequently asked question by WORLD members: What do you think of Andy Stanley’s book, Irresistible (Zondervan, 2018)?

Answer: I’m impressed and depressed. Stanley notes rightly that “skinny jeans and moving lights” won’t keep many young people from abandoning Christianity. But he argues that the way to hold them, and win others who say they’re “spiritual,” is to abandon the hard things in the Bible and emphasize a smiling Jesus. C.S. Lewis brought us Mere Christianity. Pastor Stanley brings us Mere Sponge Cake.

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Corey Perrine/Genesis Photos

Growing heavenward

Q&A | Emphasizing grace without ignoring holiness
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 10/08/18, 04:32 pm

Barbara Duguid was an MK, a missionary kid born in Nigeria who grew up partly in South America. She earned a degree in medical technology that equipped her to head a mission hospital in Liberia. She’s the author of Extravagant Grace: God’s Glory Displayed in Our Weakness and Streams of Mercy: Prayers of Confession and Celebration. She’s also married to a fine theologian, Iain Duguid. Here are edited excerpts of our interview in front of Patrick Henry College students.

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Associated Press/Photo by John Bazemore

Anne Graham Lotz battling cancer, requests prayers

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 9/06/18, 11:42 am

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, announced this week she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. She said she is having surgery Sept. 18 and asked for prayer. Lotz described in a blog post both the initial discouragement and the ways she has seen God speak to her since the diagnosis. “Pray for God to heal me in whichever way He deems would bring Him the most glory,” she wrote.

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