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The deal's off

Environment | Hopes grow cold for a landmark climate treaty at Copenhagen
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 11/20/09, 10:06 am

It was early November, the last day of a United Nations conference in Barcelona. Delegates from 175 countries had gathered to wrangle over carbon dioxide emissions, and Yvo de Boer, a middle-aged man in glasses and a yellow tie, sat down in front of a microphone to summarize the week-long talks. As UN climate secretary, de Boer was saddled with the task of coaching world leaders into a climate change treaty by December: "Governments can deliver a strong deal in Copenhagen," he said in a firm, sharp voice. "Nothing has changed my confidence in that."

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Cooling off

Environment | As Americans trend more conservative, they have become more skeptical of the threat of global warming
by Alisa Harris
Posted 10/28/09, 06:02 pm

A new survey offers bad news for those who advocate taking action to fight climate change: Americans' belief in global warming seems to be slipping. The survey is part of a larger trend that finds Americans growing more conservative on a number of political issues.

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Little emitters

Environment | Climate change becomes the latest excuse to push population control
by Alisa Harris
Posted 10/23/09, 04:18 am

America's founding documents don't include a right to reproduce-according to America's science czar, John Holdren, in a 1977 textbook he helped to write. When people questioned the textbook's views on population control, the White House dismissed the "three-decade old, three-author textbook" and said that Holdren does not believe it's the government's job to determine "optimal population."

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