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Boiling over

Environment | Climate-gate, IPCC errors prompt a reconsideration of global warming policy
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 2/26/10, 06:23 am

Scientific scandal, media intrigue, and legal action: So go exhibits A, B, and C to prove "Climate-gate"-the name attached to the leak of emails between influential climate scientists late last year-was not just a passing headline. Investigations into the emails have since triggered a series of alarming revelations, ultimately prompting demands for a review of the Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse-gas policy.

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Environment | A cold snap in late December and early January puts much of the world-and global warmists-on ice
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 1/15/10, 06:16 am

In March 2000, climate scientist David Viner made a bold prediction. Within a few years, because of global warming, snowfall in Britain would become "a very rare and exciting event," the senior research scientist at Britain's Climatic Research Unit told the Independent. "Children just aren't going to know what snow is."

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A final shove

Environment | President Obama needs more than words to rally the world to follow his lead on climate change
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 12/18/09, 12:49 pm

President Obama's words Friday at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen were intended to motivate hundreds of bleary-eyed negotiators into a political agreement over carbon emissions. For that to happen, Obama needs more than oratory skill and an international fan base. He needs the cooperation of the U.S. Senate and China.

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