Associated Press/Photo by Biswaranjan Rout

Adaptation funding

Environment | Religious progressives look to help poor nations adapt to climate change, a plan others call ineffective and costly
by Alisa Harris
Posted 10/10/09, 01:17 am

A one-minute web video for the Day Six campaign shows black-and-white photos of scorched earth, floods, and wilted crops, with the message that most of us are lucky to have our lives uninterrupted by the effects of climate change: "But many aren't so lucky."

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Associated Press/Photo by Charles Dharapak

Climate summit

Environment | President Obama leads off a busy week at the UN with an address on climate change
by Alisa Harris
Posted 9/23/09, 12:50 pm

NEW YORK-As leaders meet at the United Nations to forge a consensus on climate change before they tackle the United Nations 64th General Assembly, the real news on the issue is happening at home.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the Summit on Climate Change to find common ground before the nations meet at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December. Developing nations-especially small ones-worry that climate change restrictions will slow their economic growth.

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Sen. Richard Lugar (AP/Photo by Mikhail Metzel, file)

'What's the catastrophe?'

Environment | An expert panel testifying on climate change tried to answer Sen.
by Jacob Parrish
Posted 6/05/09, 12:00 am

WASHINGTON-Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., in the middle of a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on U.S.-China climate change relations, leaned forward in his chair and asked the expert panel, "What's the catastrophe?" Lugar, a long-time advocate of emissions reductions and global warming prevention, asked the expert panel to clarify just what the disaster would be if carbon emissions are not reduced.

The three members of the panel, all experts on greenhouse gas emissions in China, looked at each other and hesitated.

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