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A final shove

Environment | President Obama needs more than words to rally the world to follow his lead on climate change
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 12/18/09, 12:49 pm

President Obama's words Friday at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen were intended to motivate hundreds of bleary-eyed negotiators into a political agreement over carbon emissions. For that to happen, Obama needs more than oratory skill and an international fan base. He needs the cooperation of the U.S. Senate and China.

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Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images

Mad in Copenhagen

Environment | UN climate change conference generates mixed feelings as attendees await the arrival of President Obama
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 12/10/09, 02:20 pm

UN climate change conference attendees have mixed feelings as they await President Obama's arrival next week

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Cooking up a heat wave

Environment | 'Climategate' scandal reveals alarming tactics of influential climate scientists
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 12/04/09, 09:58 am

The earth has warmed over the last several decades, and humanity may be partly responsible, but the science behind that claim was dealt a severe blow late last month.

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