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Poor reviews

Environment | Conservatives and liberals alike pan the president's plan to combat the Gulf Coast oil spill
by Jamie Dean
Posted 6/16/10, 07:41 pm

Looking uncomfortable and tense, President Barack Obama delivered his first Oval Office address Tuesday night to a nation increasingly wary of his ability to handle the Gulf Coast oil spill, as the crisis entered its 56th day.

Past presidents have used this typically sober forum during grave times: President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis, President Ronald Reagan after the Challenger space shuttle explosion, and President George W. Bush on the evening of Sept. 11.

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Slippery slope

Environment | The Obama administration's moratorium on deepwater drilling could affect thousands of jobs
by Jamie Dean
Posted 6/11/10, 01:50 pm

Fifty-two days into the Gulf Coast disaster, President Barack Obama offered a panacea to Gulf Coast residents disgruntled by his increasingly unpopular moratorium on deepwater drilling: a demand that BP pay the salaries of oil workers laid off because of the ban.

The president's demand came as the moratorium grew harder to justify: A group of scientists from the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) said that they didn't recommend a deepwater moratorium, despite the Obama administration's claims that they did.

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Capping oil

Environment | President Obama uses the oil spill calamity to push for a climate change bill
by Jamie Dean
Posted 6/08/10, 02:33 pm

President Barack Obama-perhaps feeling constrained to do more about the Gulf Coast gusher-is offering a curious response to the growing calamity: pushing unpopular climate change legislation that even some Democrats are hesitant to support.

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