Coal concerns

Environment | New report stresses negative effects of future coal-fire plant, ignores benefits
by Zachary Abate
Posted 5/27/11, 03:40 pm

Pollution caused by a coal-fire plant proposed for Surry County will lead to 26 premature deaths annually, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation claimed on Monday. In addition to the premature deaths, coal-fire pollution could create over $200 million in health costs every year and threaten drinking water in south Hampton Roads.

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Better than being 'less bad'

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 5/11/11, 03:46 pm

What do future generations need of us today with respect to the environment? Do we need to reduce the amount of toxic waste we release? Do we need to consume less? To date, our dialogue about environmental stewardship has fallen short because it seems that the best we can do is be "less bad." What if there was a way to manufacture and consume that actually replenished the earth? What if the waste from our production processes actually provided nutrients for ecosystems instead of toxins? God knew what He was doing. Why don't we simply mimic His processes?

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Associated Press/Photo by Alex Brandon

Poor reviews

Environment | Conservatives and liberals alike pan the president's plan to combat the Gulf Coast oil spill
by Jamie Dean
Posted 6/16/10, 07:41 pm

Looking uncomfortable and tense, President Barack Obama delivered his first Oval Office address Tuesday night to a nation increasingly wary of his ability to handle the Gulf Coast oil spill, as the crisis entered its 56th day.

Past presidents have used this typically sober forum during grave times: President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis, President Ronald Reagan after the Challenger space shuttle explosion, and President George W. Bush on the evening of Sept. 11.

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