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Cap and tax begins

Environment | California launches a massive greenhouse-gas taxing scheme over local business protests
by Daniel James Devine
Posted 11/20/12, 10:24 am

During a time of economic instability, California has rolled out the second largest “cap-and-trade” program in the world. On Monday the California Air Resources Board (CARB) released the results of its first quarterly auction, held Nov. 14, where it sold credits to major California companies that emit greenhouse gases as a byproduct of business activity.

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Fatal regulation

by E. Calvin Beisner
Posted 10/04/11, 06:29 pm

Why should Americans be glad that the Obama administration has delayed new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on ozone and greenhouse gas emissions, and that the House of Representatives has voted to delay more EPA regulations?

Because the decisions will save lives.

We all want to keep risks to a minimum, but sometimes reducing one risk can increase another.

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Gov. McDonnell in Richmond ceremony / Associated Press

Green fleet

Environment | Executive order moves Virginia towards alternative fuel vehicles- should Christians care?
by Zachary Abate
Posted 7/16/11, 01:02 pm

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Tuesday that Virginia will power state vehicles with alternative fuel in an effort to ease the state's reliance on foreign oil and to cut down on harmful emissions.

Surrounded by a fleet of vehicles, McDonnell signed the executive order that mandates the 10,000 state vehicles be powered by alternative fuels.

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