Associated Press/Photo by Ed Crisostomo/The Press-Enterprise, File

Forestry mismanagement feeds fire danger

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 7/08/13, 03:00 pm

In the midst of a particularly deadly fire season—a blaze in Yarnell, Ariz., killed 19 firefighters last month and more than two dozen wildland fires are currently burning from Alaska to New Mexico—Americans are looking for causes in the significant uptick of the intense infernos.

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Associated Press/Photo by Charles Dharapak

President's energy plan could hurt poor

by Andrew Branch
Posted 6/26/13, 04:06 pm

President Barack Obama rolled out his plan for massive energy reform yesterday at Georgetown University. His pledge to cut carbon emissions by 17 percent could lower the world’s emissions by 3 to 4 percent—if emissions from all other countries stayed the same, which is unlikely. Obama’s massive new regulations on coal almost undoubtedly will raise energy prices.

Dealing with climate change has long ranked with healthcare as one of the most ideological issues of Obama’s presidency

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt Young

Wind farms breeze past laws protecting vulnerable birds

by Whitney Williams
Posted 5/14/13, 10:20 am

It happens about once a month in Converse County, Wyo.—A golden eagle, soaring over the barren foothills of one of America’s green-energy boomtowns, suddenly meets its destiny: a wind farm’s spinning turbine. 

Killing these iconic birds is not just an irreplaceable loss for a vulnerable species. It’s also a federal crime—one for which the Obama administration has prosecuted oil and power companies time and time again when the birds drown in their waste pits or get electrocuted by their power lines.

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