Environmentalists vs. babies

Environment | Eco-consciousness advocates seek to justify opposition to God’s command for us to ‘be fruitful and multiply’
by Ashley Thorne
Posted 5/16/15, 11:13 am

Children used to be a crown of honor for their parents, and large families were enviable. Today a growing number of parents seem slightly ashamed of themselves and apologetic. It is as though procreation has become a faux pas, like leaving the sound effects on while playing a cell phone game on the bus. The act might be excusable among the ignorant, but the right kind of people don’t do it.

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Associated Press/Photo by Matt Ryerson/The Journal-Star

Groups aim to make up for lost forests with Arbor Day plantings

by George Weaver
Posted 4/24/15, 10:52 am

Conservation groups are converging on empty green spaces in urban areas across the country today, armed with shovels and saplings. The mass tree plantings are part of National Arbor Day events organized to help replace trees felled by construction and sprawl.

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Associated Press/Photo by Reed Saxon

Proposed EPA ozone rule could suffocate the economy

by Daniel James Devine
Posted 11/26/14, 02:10 pm

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed a reduction in the amount of allowable ozone in the air Americans breathe. The new limit is supposed to improve human health, but opponents say the benefits are exaggerated and the rule will create “massive and disruptive” economic challenges for businesses.

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