Associated Press/Photo by Rajesh Kumar Singh

Did you know a river has the right to sue you?

Environment | The push to give nature ‘personhood’ status is gaining ground around the world
by Julie Borg
Posted 4/20/17, 11:21 am

A rose is a rose, I suppose, but who knew glaciers, rivers, and forests can be persons?

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Associated Press/Photo by Sunday Alamba

Shell avoids court case over Nigeria pollution

Nigeria | The ruling is a loss for communities affected by multinational corporations
by Onize Ohikere
Posted 1/27/17, 11:06 am

A London court on Thursday ruled affected Nigerian communities cannot sue Royal Dutch Shell for oil spills in the Niger Delta region. Several rights groups see the ruling as a setback in holding multinational oil companies accountable for their actions in other countries.

The court ruled the case against the Netherlands-based company should be heard in Nigeria instead and concluded the parent company has no responsibility for its Nigerian subsidiary.

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Associated Press/Rachel Woolf/The Flint Journal-MLive.com

How to prevent another Flint

Environment | Widespread lead poisoning from residential plumbing is not inevitable, one expert says
by Michael Cochrane
Posted 4/19/16, 11:40 am

In hearings about the water crisis in Flint, Mich., several lawmakers suggested the city could be the tip of an iceberg of disintegrating residential water-distribution systems in the United States.

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