Sunday drivers

Environment | Evangelical theology placed in the service of the liberal agenda earns ink and airtime for anti-SUV campaign
by Timothy Lamer
Posted 12/07/02, 12:00 am

When The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN all show interest in what Jesus would think on an issue, it's likely that the liberal political agenda is involved.

That was the case late last month, when the "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign fired on all cylinders. The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) and other religious groups got a lot of mileage out of arguing that it's immoral to drive big, fuel-inefficient vehicles. "We want to start a discussion in the evangelical community on transportation as a moral issue," the EEN's Rev. Jim Ball told ABC.

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Steaming mad

Environment | Bush's flip-flop on global warming alienates conservatives
by Tim Graham
Posted 6/15/02, 12:00 am

After carrying stories about melting glaciers and polar bears with nowhere to go, TV news last week had another global-warming story to tell: the melting of George W. Bush's resolve to resist environmentalist solutions to a problem he once suggested didn't exist.

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WORLD's response to the EPA ad hoc committee's report

EPA | The editor of WORLD magazine responds to the EPA ad hoc committee report
by Marvin Olasky
Posted 7/12/97, 12:00 am

We at WORLD believe that the ad hoc committee members erred by implicitly setting up new requirements for EPA membership, by making recommendations that would suppress competition among publications, and by trying to push their own journalistic and ideological values under a guise of judicious ethical examination.

The committee dodged the central question: Was WORLD telling the truth about the changing of the NIV? Instead, the committee said that WORLD fell seriously short of upholding the EPA ethics code, for the following reasons:

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