Salazar, Chu, Jackson (AP/Jose Luis Magana, Lauren Victoria Burke)

Extreme green team

Environment | President Obama's picks on energy and environment betray disregard for the hard lessons of green policy failure in Europe
by Mark Bergin
Posted 1/23/09, 12:00 am

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom have begun circulating a memo aimed at undercutting a proposal to institute tough new emissions caps on power plants. Many in Parliament fear that the anti-pollution directive would halt construction of the country's first new coal plant in three decades, threatening the security of national electricity supplies and spiking prices by 20 percent.

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Protesters in Poland (AP/Photo by Alik Keplicz)

Denmark deadline

Environment | A sagging global economy and a shift in public opinion make next year's international climate treaty less likely
by Mark Bergin
Posted 12/05/08, 12:00 am

The election of Barack Obama as the United States' 44th president was supposed to usher in a new era of international climate talks. For years, environmentalists, journalists, and European heads of state have cast President George W. Bush among the primary obstacles to worldwide agreement on greenhouse gas reduction targets. The debate on global warming is over, so the story goes; Bush simply hasn't gotten the memo.

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American Museum of Natural History (AP/Photo by Mary Altaffer)

Cooling on warming

Environment | Neither presidential candidate likely will bring any change to the United States' climate policy
by Mark Bergin
Posted 10/31/08, 12:00 am

Think a Barack Obama presidency would significantly change the country's course on climate policy? Not so says a growing cadre of economists, political analysts, and environmental experts-including some supporters of the Illinois senator.

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