Associated Press/Photo by Nati Harnik

Federal report links climate change, extreme weather

by Lynde Langdon
Posted 11/26/18, 10:50 am

A government report on climate change released Friday said global warming is contributing to extreme weather in the United States. Outside scientists and officials from 13 federal agencies wrote the report, which is mandated by law every four years. This year’s analysis said extreme weather events “have already become more frequent, intense, widespread or of long duration.” The report warned that the negative effects of climate change could cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions of dollars.

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Year-long tide

Environment | Algae bloom off Florida coast has many more-than-human causes 
by Julie Borg
Posted 11/09/18, 09:26 am

This month marks a full year that the noxious red tide, a harmful algae bloom that can kill fish and cause respiratory irritation in humans, has plagued the Florida coast. These algae blooms are nothing new for Florida, but the long duration of this one has some environmentalists pinning the blame on global warming and other human activities.

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Noah Berger/AP

California carbon ban?

Environment | Lawmakers aim to wean the state’s electric grid off of fossil fuels
by Julie Borg
Posted 9/13/18, 04:02 pm

California lawmakers voted this summer for strict energy legislation that would require the state’s electricity sources to be 100 percent carbon-free within less than 30 years. The bill, passed by the State Senate and Assembly and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 10, will bump up California’s current mandate, increasing from 50 percent to 60 percent the amount of renewable power generation required in the state by 2030. The ultimate goal: All California electricity would be produced without greenhouse gases by 2045.

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