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Right to flow in Florida

Environmentalism | Voters in one county grant legal personhood to rivers
by John Dawson
Posted 11/12/20, 03:28 pm

Nearly 90 percent of Orange County, Fla., voters last week chose to endow two local rivers with legal rights. So-called “rights of nature” environmentalists argue the county charter amendment will improve water quality in the region.

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New wildfire breaks out in California

by Rachel Lynn Aldrich
Posted 10/27/20, 03:30 am

The Silverado Fire in Orange County, Calif., began just after dawn on Monday and grew to 7,200 acres by the evening. Authorities ordered some 100,000 people in Southern California to evacuate. Two firefighters battling the blaze suffered second and third-degree burns. Southern California Edison utility company is investigating whether one of its equipment started the fire.

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Land mismanagement

Environment | Catastrophic wildfires show we need to exercise better dominion
by Janie B. Cheaney
Posted 10/08/20, 03:24 pm

We timed it just right last year, when my sister and I fulfilled a long-standing ambition to visit Yosemite National Park for our annual fall camping excursion. “Camping” has become more of a spectrum for us—where once we tramped down the Grand Canyon’s South Kaibab Trail carrying all our supplies on our 50-year-old backs, we now do moderate day hikes, rounded out in a comfy cabin. At Yosemite we split the difference and stayed in a canvas-sided tent with mattresses and electrical outlets. We got the spectacular trees and scenery.

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