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Endangered Species Act meets economic reality

by Harvest Prude
Posted 8/13/19, 12:18 pm

WASHINGTON—For the first time, the U.S. government will assess the economic effect of placing a plant or animal on the endangered species list, the Trump administration announced Monday. The Endangered Species Act protects more than 1,600 species in the United States and its territories.

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Retreat and advance

Environment | A Greenland glacier’s growth shocks climate scientists
by Julie Borg
Posted 4/11/19, 03:46 pm

Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier, formerly one of the fastest-shrinking glaciers on earth, is suddenly growing again—and many climate scientists are stunned.

“At first we didn’t believe it,” Ala Khazendar, a NASA researcher who co-authored a new study on the glacier, said in a statement.

Scientists worried about global warming say that even Jakobshavn’s unexpected growth is ultimately bad news for the planet. But skeptics of man-made climate change say the glacial surprise is further evidence that the dire predictions of global warming alarmists aren’t reliable.

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Climate faux pas

Science | Researchers messed up the math
by Julie Borg
Posted 12/13/18, 05:06 pm

A recent global warming study shows there’s still a place for skeptics in the world of science.

After a team of climate scientists announced its newly published research showing that the oceans were warming much faster than previously thought, mainstream news outlets ran with the story.

But there was a problem: The study’s math was wrong.

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